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5 Podcasts You Should Listen to if You Are Starting Your Own Business

What podcasts should I listen to?” is a question I get every other day. There is a podcast just about everything. So I always answer back something along the lines of: tell me what you are interested in, and I'll find the podcast for you. So I decided to start this blog series, which is essentially podcast recommendations based on topics. In this installment, I bring to you: the 5 podcasts you should listen to if you are starting your own business.

The podcasts in this list cover the business world, each tackling different aspects of it: from work culture, to scaling your startup to how to set boundaries with coworkers. I have even included a podcast that plain old tells you the story of a guy who set up his business. These podcasts are great for anyone setting up a new business. Together they are like a bite sized MBA course.

So without further ado, here is a list of podcasts that will help you start your business, from someone who is starting her own podcast business (yes, I know - so very meta).

Masters of Scale is hosted by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Each episode, Hoffman interviews a leader in the business world, and offers up key lessons and takeaways from his conversations that will ultimately help listeners scale their businesses. Think of Masters of Scale as part interview and part narrated audio class. What I find useful in this podcast is that the host provides listeners with actual lessons in a way that sticks with you through memorable key sentences like: "You’ve got to let some fires burn"; or "Taking your company from a band of pirates to a functioning Navy".

This podcast is all about work culture, and how to better it. It is hosted by Bruce Daisley, who has worked at Google, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. Throughout the podcast, Daisley talks to experts and industry professionals about how they set the culture at their work. The podcast tackles important issues that you do not typically hear on other podcasts. Among other things he talks about mental health at work, boosting creativity, and how work culture has been favoring male behavior.

Startup is the first podcast produced by Gimlet, a podcast production company founded by famed podcast and radio host/producer Alex Blumberg. In the first season, Blumberg records his journey while founding his company (that was just recently sold for $250 million dollars to Spotify - yay for podcasts!). Through the host’s experience, the listener get to learn everything about launching a company from the elevator pitch, to finding a cofounder, and even naming your company. This is a must to listen to no matter the industry you are in.

This is the most recent podcast I have added to my rotation, and it's hosted by Emma Gannon, marketing media professional, best selling author and of course podcaster. On Ctrl Alt Delete, Gannon talks to an eclectic group of people who talk about their work, feminism, creativity and how they deal with all the sticky things they have to face at work. This podcast is particularly useful for those of you who are freelancers and/or just started a personal project because it teaches how to set boundaries and make your dream a reality.

The last four podcast on this list are filled with really good lessons to keep in mind while setting up your startup. This podcast is the story of what not to do. The Dropout is a serialized podcast by ABC News that follows the rise and fall of Theranos a health technology company and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. This narrated documentary consists of interviews from previous employees who detail the way the company was run and the mistakes made that ultimately took the company from a $9 billion dollar valuation to a 0$ valuation.

Disclaimer: I have not included on of my favorite podcasts, How I Built This on this list because I have mentioned it on another one that you can read here.

All these podcasts have provided me, and continue to provide me with the help, knowledge and support needed as I build Reyzin Media. Let me know what you think of them, or if you have any other suggestions to throw my way.

Happy Listening!

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