A podcast that strives to better understand female leadership through compelling stories from women across industries.

So now that you know this podcast is not an ode to Beyoncé (even though we are big fans), you might be asking yourself: How did it come to be?


Well, our story is a pretty simple one. We are two women who used to work together at a digital media agency between Paris and Beirut. Marilyn was the vice president, having risen through a variety of challenges and triumphs to reach her position. While Rhea was on her second job trying to navigate her way through the workplace. Albeit at different stages of our careers, we bonded over our shared interests in the obstacles and benefits presented to women throughout their professional lives – an interest that was amplified as Marilyn shared with Rhea her own story. This sparked countless conversations over coffee, dinner, happy hour and of course shisha.


But, our understanding of the subject was ultimately limited. We both worked in a particular industry (digital media), and countries (France & Lebanon) which skewed our vision to a particular gender landscape. So Rhea approached Marilyn with a unique suggestion: let’s go talk to more women. That’s how we set out on this journey to discover and share the stories of women leaders across industries. That’s how Who Run the World was born.


By bringing you personal stories paired with the findings of academic research, we hope to start exploring if women leadership is different from male leadership, and which organizational structures favor it, and which hold it back.


We hope you join us on this adventure.


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The Producer

I am obsessed with everything to do with stories, whether it be books, television, movies or podcasts, I want to consume it all. My ultimate goal in life is to help people share their own narratives through podcasts. After having received a B.A in English Literature from Georgetown University, and a masters degree in Production Media from Imperial College London, I finally got to become a storyteller. I joined Keeward, a digital agency, as a Creative Content Producer. My role was to help clients tell their stories through a number of mediums, including editorial, and audiovisual. Just recently, I decided to quit my job and set out on what I’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time: starting a podcast production company. Through this venture I hope to start sharing narratives from the Middle East with the world. When I am not working I try to beat out my friends at trivia nights.

As for my favorite Beyoncé song, it’s: XO from the 2013 self-titled album Beyonce.



The Host

I graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, but that profession didn’t stick around for long. I joined Keeward in 2009, and quickly discovered a passion for the web. And the rest as they say is history. 9 years later after having become senior VP of the group and been responsible for the development of our entire B2C and B2B software and website offering, I decided it was time to explore something new. My main areas of expertise lie in user experience and organizational design. My second passion lies in mentoring others, either by aiding in the development and growth of startups, or by teaching at numerous universities. I recently received an EMBA from INSEAD, and when I am not working I like to obsess about my third passion: food through my blog

When it comes to my favorite Beyoncé song, it’s Formation from her 2016 album Lemonade.