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A podcast that strives to better understand the world through our prism as Arab women, one conversation at a time.

So now that you know this podcast is not an ode to Beyoncé (even though we are big fans), you might be asking yourself: How did it come to be?


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Rhea Chedid grew up between the US and Lebanon. To the dismay of her Lebanese father, she studied English Literature and Sociology, which equipped her with a love for storytelling and ultimately led her to become a full time content and podcast producer. She’s produced over 12 podcasts, including Her Stage which was part of the Google Podcast creator program. Today Rhea is a Content Acquisition Manager for Amazon Music’s podcast team. Before Amazon, she was in charge of podcasts for the Middle East at Deezer. In her spare time, Rhea enjoys writing, reading and toying around with other forms of content. 

Rhea's favorite Beyoncé song, it’s: XO from the 2013 self-titled album Beyonce.



Marilyn Zakhour grew up between Canada and Lebanon. She is an architect by training but never practiced architecture a day in her life, and ultimately pursued an Executive MBA. After her tenure as the Chief Marketing Officer of EMAAR, & Head of Dubai Opera, Marilyn founded Cosmic Centaurs, where she is the CEO. With her team, Marilyn strives to help leaders and organizations adapt to the new ways of work in the emerging post-pandemic world. In her spare time, Marilyn is also behind the food blog: - where she records Lebanese recipes passed down in her family.

Marilyn's favorite Beyoncé song, is Formation from the 2016 album Lemonade.


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