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The Five Best Podcasts to Get You Through the Summer

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you: I am obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them during my commute, while I get ready in the morning and right before I go to sleep at night. Sometimes, I just sit on my balcony listening to my latest audio obsession (currently it’s Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations - but more on that later). There is something really intimate about podcasts that really sucks you in. Not only that, but it’s the only content medium you can enjoy while doing something else.

Since the summer is quickly creeping on us, I thought I would share some of my favorite listens (aside from Who Run the World, duh) with you that will make your day at the beach that much more fun:

This is the perfect podcast if you’re looking to do a little bit of soul Searching while you’re on a hike. Each episode Oprah features one of the world’s leading thinkers that tackle topics that will push you to self-reflect and learn a bit about what makes the world and its human behave the way they do.

This is the perfect podcast if you like storytelling but don’t feel like reading a book at the beach. Michelle Parise tells us the story of the rise and fall of her marriage, as well as the aftermath in three delicious seasons. It's the story of loss, of mourning, of resilience, the love of family, the love of friends and so much more. I like to think of this podcast as the equivalent of audio comfort food.

This is the perfect podcast for your commute to work this summer, especially if you want to feel as sunny as it is outside but you still have to work. If you watch Netflix’s Queer Eye, you know exactly who Jonathan Van Ness is, and he brings his infectious personality to his podcast. He talks to guests who tackle subjects he wants to learn more about. Even though the podcast has a fun tone to it, you end up learning quite a bit by the end.

This is the perfect podcast to listen to when you’re on your summer vacation but can’t seem to leave work behind. Guy Raz talks to a slew of founders who have built their companies from the ground up. They talk about the challenges faced, the victories, and give great advice for any one leading a team or starting their own venture.

This is the perfect podcast to listen if you are not traveling this summer, but still want to experience foreign cultures. Each episode, the producers of this podcast travel to a country and cover a story that is not typically covered by your international news organization (sorry CNN and BBC). This podcast is truly eye opening and allows you to wander beyond your backyard.

Here is to wishing you all a happy and healthy summer filled with audio interviews, documentaries and conversations. Let us know which podcasts you have tuned into, and which ones we should include on our podcast summer list (I am always looking for new podcasts!).

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And of course, it goes without saying that my biggest recommendation would be Who Run the World for some inspiring stories about female leadership.

Happy Listening!

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