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Podcasts We Love

We have both always been massive podcast listeners, and while each of us tended to a different side of the spectrum (Marilyn focusing on business podcasts, and Rhea focusing on podcasts that told stories), we very quickly agreed on the ones we both loved and wanted to take inspiration from.

In general this is a good benchmark for us, both in terms of content and form. We get business insights through the entrepreneur's story. The host, Guy Raz, has a strong presence but it is also complementary to whoever his guest is. Also the host is interviewer and narrator at the same time, which is a really engaging format.


Marilyn loves this for the business insight it provides, but more importantly we are both fans of the fact that Reid Hoffman (the host) always formulates his own theories and then confronts them with both stories and facts.


Adam Grant is an American psychologist and author who teaches at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania specializing in organizational psychology. We love that Adam is a clear expert on the topic he is addressing. He brings much needed science and data to the stories of the companies he explores.

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