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Two friends explore what it’s like being Arab women, unpacking their multifaceted identities through conversations between themselves and with other (wo)men from across the region and the world.


You can listen to Who Run The World on these platforms

Who Run the World is one of three shows we produce. We've created two spinoff: Who Run the time and
Things My Mother Didn't Tell Me but my Best Friend Did


Who Run the World - Season 5

WRTW is the our OG podcast, where we invite different guests to discuss topics that our on our minds, as well as listen to stories from people who inspire us. We've discussed gender, our periods, the pandemic, mental health, Lebanon, the Arab world and more.


Who Run the Time

Who Run the Time started off when we were both on lockdown together and we recorded the different ways we passed the time. After lockdown, time continued and we continued to run it. So we decided to continue telling you how we pass the time.


Things My Mother Didn't Tell Me

In our latest spinoff, we tackle the taboos women avoid talking about in the Arab world and beyond. These taboos have prevented older generation to impart their wisdom but has allowed our sisters and friends to step up and impart their knowledge.

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