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Who Run the World is a series of conversations that explores what it means to be a female leader working and living in the Arab world. Each episode of this podcast focuses on one woman’s story.
Our guests share the challenges and victories of their journey, and how they navigate the complexity of the workplace. Whether they realise it or not, each of these women, in her own way, is a role model

for young women and girls in the Middle East and beyond.  

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We both find ourselves on lockdown, in the same city, in the same house, and record special episodes focused on helping our audience deal with the new reality that the covid-19 pandemic has created. This season will be a little bit different from the previous seasons. On the one hand we have started a mini series called Who Run The Time (look for the pink icon) to help you through the quarantine with light hearted short content. On the other we're producing a multi-part series following Marilyn and Rhea's journeys through their work life and its new chapters (listen to part 1 for more). 

SEASON 2 - Mini-series in Partnership
with BLC

We have partnered up with BLC Bank o bring to our audience more stories of women across industries. You can listen to our special bite sized content brought to you by BLC here.  


Since we are both from Lebanon, we decided to kick off the first season by interviewing fellow women from the Middle East, who either own their own business, or are in the top ranks of their corporation. Through their compelling stories, we hope to shed light on what it’s like to be a woman working in the region today, and what it takes to succeed.

This is where we write about the things that we're thinking about, link to great podcasts or articles that we're into, and reference studies that are relevant to our focus. 

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